Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday Ramblings

It's Friday so you know the deal...

  • I guess people like standing me up because my Mom was supposed to attend a movie with me tonight.  I called her before I got off from work and she's talking about, "Oh we can go see it tomorrow."  I was too damn pissed especially because when she got home she says, "So you want to go see the movie tonight?"  No woman!  
  • I need some of ya'll to stop acting like b*tches when you come to the movies.  Yes, I know about the Colorado shooting but it gives you no right to come up to me and ask if you'll:  A.) Get shot watching the movie.  That won't happen unless you brought your own damn gun and somehow shoot yourself.  B.)  Ask if you can bring your personal firearm into the movies.  That's how sh*t like that got started.  One person shooting up the movies does not mean that it's going to happen if you go.  Besides if God says its your time to go then you've got to move.
  • Screw Lil' Scrappy and his You-Got-Me-On-The-Child-Support-a$$.  Then the fact that he said he takes care of his child yet when she asked what happened to the money she asked for he says, "I forgot."  GTFOH!
  • I finally got my Jamaican Black Castor Oil!  This stuff is super duper thick!  My hair better be thick I know that...well thicker because it already is thick.
  • I had a dad ask for three tickets to see Magic Mike.  His oldest daughter tricked him into buying the tickets.  He and the youngest had no clue what was going on.
  • Anyone want to buy me some Curlformers?  I'd love you forever and ever!
  • I finally cooked for my boyfriend.  We had some delicious steaks with a broccoli and cauliflower mix. The best thing was he baked his first cake.  You all have no idea how excited I was for that cake and it was nice and soft.  Please tell me this is love.
  • I got a brand new laptop!  I paid for it all with the money that I saved up over the summer.  I've never felt so good.  It's such an amazing sense of independence.  
  • Seagram's Escapes are just a little piece of heaven.  I didn't realize these things were considered beers, but these are probably the only beers I'll ever like.
  • I have three new babies in the form of birds on my porch.  
  • I WANT A PUPPY!!!!!!
I kill pride.  I hurt feelings.

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