Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday Ramblings

It's Friday so you know the deal...

  • It's Friday the 13th! *cue Nicki Minaj line*
  • So I recently discovered that my laptop's wifi has STOPPED working.  If that ain't a b*tch I don't know what is.
  • Speaking of laptops my Mom just said I should get a "less expensive one" next time.  I told her mine was about $500 which is average I believe, especially back in 2008.  She hollered that I only said that because I didn't pay for it.  This woman acts like I had a freaking Macbook Pro or something.
  • Everyone go see Katy Perry's Part of Me.  I loved it and found my eyes watering when her marriage was coming to an end. Plus you see how much she loves her fans.
  • My head is killing me right now for some reason!  #JesusBeATylenol 
  • My boyfriend bought be flowers Wednesday for our date night.  It was such a surprise and I couldn't help but find myself smiling no matter how hard I tried not to.  Plus we went to Carraba's and I found myself having the best plate of calamari that I've had in awhile.  Like I love that stuff.
  • I've decided that I want to be a peacock for Halloween this year.  Let's see how it goes.
  • I had a few blogs that I wanted to do this week, but need my pictures to do so and with my wifi not working and my Mom's computer not letting me connect via ethernet cord it was a no go.
  • Ya girl worked 46 hours this week.  Overtime like a mug.  $$$$
  • I just read that the dude who plays Omar on Single Ladies isn't gay.  Say what?!?!?!?!  His body is amazing by the way.  He's on the new cover of Kontrol Magazine if you want to see.
  • I want some mozzarella sticks!  Ever since my job started selling them the craving as hit harder than ever!  
  • I hate the smell of cooking grease with a passion so much now just so ya'll now.
  • I have realized that I have a love/hate relationship with Kim Kardashian.  I love how she looks and what she wears, but as a celeb no ma'am.
  • Love & Hip Hop Atlanta...yeahhhhh...just yeah.  Erica, Mimi, and Jose a.k.a. Joseline all look like some fools.

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