Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Just Let Your Soul Glow

So for some reason I just thought about all the odd and what I considered embarrassing moments that I've had with my hair...it's only two I can recall honestly.  No, I've never had a track of weave come out nor was I that little girl in elementary school with those crochet braids that you would find on the pavement walking to P.E. in a line.  My incidents have always involved having to much oily substance in my head.

(1)  The Dentist Chair
When I had braces from 7th grade to 9th grade my appointments to get my braces tightened up were always on Monday which also meant that my Mom did my hair the day before.  Yes, my Mom did my hair until I went to high school don't judge me.  You know how the dentist chairs have those paper covers on the area that you lay your head?  Yes, every Monday after the dentist changed my bands I would get up, look back at the chair, and see that piece of paper saturated with Blue Magic.  It was almost like the napkins your mom uses to soak up some of the grease from fried fish, chicken, or french fries.  You know what I'm talking about.  Finally my Mom and I came to the conclusion that we, or she more so, had to just put less hair grease on my scalp.  Regardless I can only think of my poor white MCG student orthodontist seeing that thing and pulling it off for his next patient.

(2)  Dillard's at The Mall of Georgia
I believe coconut oil got really popular in the natural hair community around 2010 because I remember coming home for Spring Break that year and my Mom had a jar of it.  The first time I tried it I used a reasonable amount and saw how soft it made my hair.  So I figured if I put a ton of it in my hair will be like crazy soft.  Yeahhhhh I was wrong.  I had asked my Mom to braid my hair in four big braids so I could have a nice wavy look and she complained about how much oil I put in, but I figured it'll soak up so whatever.  Nope!  The next day we went to The Mall of Georgia and there's something about formal dresses that just makes me always want to look at them.  We saw a really pretty pink dress and I had to try it on.  I tried it on and realized I didn't like how it looked on me so of course I took it off having to pull it over my head.  As my Mom hung it up we saw tons of oil stains similar to the ones I discussed at the dentist.  The next question was, "How in the hell do we get out of here without someone noticing that we effed this $200 dress up?"  Easy, when the dressing room attendant ask if there's anything you want her to hang up for you say no and put it back on the rack with the other dresses...all the way in the back.

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