Friday, May 4, 2012

Allow Me To (Re)introduce Myself...

I never thought I'd be making another one of these, but the itch has been killing me and with my life falling apart (I'm being overly dramatic...its Finals Week) I figured I needed a blog that was not my Tumblr.  Soooooo where to start?  Well my name is B. Jones and I'm a 22 year old college student at Georgia's Flagship Institution.  I'm in a major that requires me to do a ton of writing about the past of others  so I'm sure people think this should an easy thing for me, but it ain't.  I recently had a teacher write that my paper was GREAT but MESSY which should explain why my blog descriptions includes the word "ramblings."  I'm the Queen of Procrastination...once again doesn't mean anything.  I'm a NATURAL GIRL, but don't expect me to have blogs showing how to get your hair from your scalp all the way down to your butt because I'm trying to figure out the secret too.  I'm a semi-sucker for love and I would love to have a blog about relationships, but I'm only on my second one so what would I know right?  I have a very smart mouth and it has aggravated by parents since I was able to talk.  I'm also very anti-social and quiet to an extent, but it has never stopped me from voicing my opinion.  With that being said  here we go!  My blog!

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