Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Hoes Gone Be Hoes So I Couldn't Blame Tami

Like many people I saw the madness that was Basketball Wives a.k.a. Mean Girls:  Over 30 Years Old Edition.  I'm guessing that the episode from last week that I missed touched on what happened between Tami and Kesha because all I know is the episode opened up with Tami "going awf" in her usual overage hood rat manner.  I will admit that I was a huge fan of Tami's struggle and realness when she first joined the cast of Basketball Wives, but after this season I have lost all respect for her.  She reminds me every bit of this girl who use to pick on me in middle school and I don't like it.  Therefore I unfollowed her on Twitter last night because I can't support any 40+ year old with two children that continues to act like a high school bully.

It seems all of this started because of Suzie and her constant diarrhea of the mouth as she ran back to tell Tami what Keisha said.  I don't know when these new girls will learn, but Suzie is the wrong person to tell anything to and she should feel ashamed of herself.  Tami felt that Kesha OWED her an apology for whatever she said and decided that she would not give Kesha HER bag that contains all of HER BELONGINGS.  Kesha decided to report her bag stolen.  I believe anybody would do this seeing how it is THEIR property and they should not have to be begging for it.  Naturally Suzie's ass goes and tells Tami what is going down and Tami finds it humorous because she feels just needs to apologize.  Throughout the whole ordeal all of these grown b*tches just keeping saying how scared Kesha is of Tami.  1.)  Grown women should not be feeding into this bullsh*t that Tami tries to start.  2.)  The whole reason Shaunie's ass isn't afraid of Tami is because she knows that she has control over who remains on the show so NOBODY that needs a check is going to step to her ass.  Seeing how none of these hoes have a baller any more that's not happening.

Tami knows that she is or was a fan favorite of viewers of the series, but I believe that number has slowly dwindled down.  When she went off on Evelyn over sleeping with her ex while they were still married we all cheered for her because nobody liked Evelyn's hoe antics.  When she beat that girl up last season who looked like she had smeared a bucket of Church's Chicken grease on her face we cringed, but we also watched because nobody really liked her.  Kesha on the other hand has been a pretty innocent person since she stepped foot on the show.  She seems to be a rather classy lady who says that she isn't going to deal with all of the fighting that the other ladies take place in and she has upheld that seeing how EVERY woman who has come onto this show has been popped in the mouth, popped someone else in the mouth, or instigated a situation.  Keisha has real job outside of this show and I believe she also has a college degree in Dance.  To me she is everything that these women would envy in some type of way.

Shaunie claims that she is constantly trying to make producers show the more positive side of the show, but even she participated in putting DEAD FISH in Kenya's room.  Shaunie, don't you have like five of Shaq's monster children?  How would you as a mother feel if someone did this to your daughter?  How would you feel if someone took your child's belongings and told them they wouldn't give them back unless they apologized?  Would you be sitting their telling your daughter, "Baby just go apologize to her to get your stuff back."  No, you wouldn't I hope but after this episode I have to second guess your actions.  I'm slowly but surely growing tired of this show and I give it about two more seasons before it gets canceled.  That will be the day that all of these women realize that all of them are "Non-muthaf*ckin' Factors."

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  1. U hit the nail on the head. Suzie "Shitstarter" Ketcham is as culpable as Shaunie for running her mouth so much -- under the pretense that if she doesn't divulge what was said about someone, however trivial, she will be viewed as being complicit. I knew something wasn't right with Tami when she caused that bro to get kicked off "The Real World" wit her dramatic antics. I am surprised Kenny Anderson stayed long enough to produce two children. Lord help the daughters if they inherited that awful disposition their mother possesses. They must really be embarassed. What. People. Do. For Mo--ney! Shame on you Shaunie.


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