Monday, May 14, 2012

My Attempt: Whipped Shea Butter

So if I haven't mentioned it on here I have ridiculously dry hair.  People always talk about how shea butter is a great sealant and putting it on the ends of their hair to keep things nice and sealed in...I guess.  So until I start work (If I still have a summer job) I decided to try a little Do It Yourself (DIY) type thing and Googled "whipped shea butter."  Why?  Well shea butter in its raw state is just hard to get out and I wanted something easier.  So after looking at videos I got up this morning and headed to the hair store.  I bought a 16oz container of unrefined African Shea Butter for $7.99.
I started off by boiling a small pot of water to melt the shea butter.
This is the amount of shea butter I used.  I only used a small amount because I didn't want this to be a disaster and I end up wasting a ton of good product.

After the water came to a boil I removed it from the heat and placed the shea butter over it.  I made the mistake of putting it back on the heat because it didn't melt fast enough for me, but trust me when I say don't melt it all the way!

After placing it over the heat this is what it looked like melted.

I added a tablespoon of unrefined organic coconut oil.  You can use whatever you like they say.  If I had Jamaican Black Castor Oil I would have added that, but I'm a poor college student.

Whipping it up in the kitchen and FAILING at it!  

I put it in the freezer to get it in some type of solid form and water got into it.  BAD MOVE!

When I first started it was whipped up nicely, butttttt...

It somehow got like this.  I thought maybe it was acceptable and stopped. 

I cleaned out a Shea Moisture container to place the "whipped" product in.

My failed attempt!  

I'm not a quitter though so after twisting my hair I removed the shea butter that I started with and did everything over again.  This time I didn't put it back on the heat and I didn't place it in the freezer.  Instead I got a bowl of ice and put the METAL container in it.  After letting it sit for awhile I started mixing it in that container. 
This was my final result.  It looks like cake mix doesn't it?

Here's to hoping it remains this way.

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