Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday Ramblings

It's the end of the week again and here I am with my ramblings.  Enjoy!

  • I start working at the movies again today.  I wanted a different job this summer, but yeah never got around to looking for it.  It seems people thought I got fired (I'm a pretty good employee so this is odd) or quit (In a perfect world with a ballin' sugah daddy that had one foot in the grave).
  • Also in regards to work shout out to all the annoying customers I'll have this summer.  Jesus be a fence and a reminder of my need for this $7.45/hour job that allows me to pay for gas, clothes, food, and expensive books in school.
  • Jesus also be the same fence when it comes to some people that I don't care for.
  • If you live in Augusta, Aiken, or North Augusta go try Groucho's Deli.  I swear I had a food-gasm over the Apollo Dipper I had with the Formula 45 sauce.
  • Shout out to the hood girls in the Applebees on Peach Orchard Road.  They were twerking in the parking lot and it all started with the infamous stripper walk.  As soon as the girl started waving her hand I knew it was over.
  • Oh, those same girls...Lord please tell me why you let certain people have children.  This girl was playing with this baby's hand saying, "Hey b*tch" over and over again at her.  I was so pissed.
  • Speaking of Applebees, if you go this summer please try the frozen lemonade with the alcohol mixed in.  It was delicious.
  • I decided to go thrifting today and came across this cool clutch purse that looks just like a folded up magazine.  I'm debating on selling it on eBay or Amazon. 
  • If the Georgia IRS is reading this ya'll haven't sent me my tax rebate check yet.  I'd really appreciate it just so you know.
  • Got all my grades on Monday.  Lowest grade was a B-.  Better than a D or an F. *twerks around room*
  • Anybody want to provide me some money so I can get some long Poetic Justice braids?  
  • Finally, am I the only one who thinks naming an ice "Magnum" is a bad idea?  I can't tell my Dad to bring me a Magnum back home even if I say its ice cream.

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