Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Do You Remember The Times: Photos From The Past

I wake up today to a comment from one of my friends regarding another friend's picture from 2007.  It really had me thinking, "Wow time has gone by so fast."  Laughing at his pictures with oversized basketball jerseys and fedoras also made me realize that we all went through such awkward phases in our teenage years.  So I decided to look at some old ones of mine.

This is the Summer of 2007 after a trip to Washington D.C. and New York.  It was all the Summer of big sunglasses and I wanted some so bad!  I remember finding these in a store in Manhattan and I figured if it were from New York it had to be stylish.  I wore those things once or twice...never again.  My braids are fresh though!

This picture is from 2007...obviously.  I was in the 12th grade and this is at a classmate's bonfire birthday party.  At this time I wore nothing but Aeropostle polos (Not sure if this was an Aeropostle one) and I ALWAYS had my jacket on.  Why?  I was very insecure about my body at the time.  I felt if I didn't have one on everybody would be just looking at my boobs which are pretty big for my frame.  Although even with the jacket on you can still see they are there.  I also always wore my hair in ponytail because I could not do my hair.

This is the Summer of 2009 after my first year of college.  By then I had learned how to straighten my hair to make it look nice and it had started growing back after a sew-in took almost all of the back out the year before.  As we can see I have a dress on because I began to come to grips with my body in college.  The boobs weren't going anywhere, but then I realized I lacked a donk.  If it ain't one thing it's another.

This is Feb. 2011 I believe.  I had started wearing my hair in natural styles the semester before.   I also found myself to be in love with this shirt.  I have so many photos in it.  I also started wearing earring a bit more in 2010-2011.
Spring Break 2012 at home...lol.  Twist outs have become a "signature" hairstyle for me.  That shirt is still around though.  Now i wear it when there is nothing else, but my boobs are busting out of it always.  I'll look down and a button has come undone.

I guess this is the most recent.  May 2012 at my school's Spring Commencement.  I have started  leaving my hair twisted up, but deal with the issue of looking "manly" when I wear hats for work.  Now that I'm back home everyone asks me if I want to dread my hair up.  Ummm no!

So these are my blast from the past.  How about ya'll?  I know you all cringe a little bit at your past photos sometimes too.

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