Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday Ramblings

It's the end of the week so you know the deal...

  • I found someone to do some twists for me which I'm excited about.  The only issue is they cost $150.  LAWD!!!!
  • I watched the movie Drive featuring Ryan Gosling.  It was an amazing movie ya'll!  So many twist and turns I was just at a lost for words.
  • I had a strawberry limeade from Sonics on Tuesday.  I had no clue they put those old nasty looking strawberries in it until one came up my straw.  I started to freak out, but finished the drink.  Am I the only person who hates those things?
  • My boyfriend and I went to this Hibachi type place on Monday and had some of those most delicious sushi.  It was called a Dynamite Roll.  Pretty much it was a California roll with cook spicy tuna on top of it.  I was in LOVE.
  • S/O to my manager for giving me this 9:30PM-1AM shift.  After 6pm I no longer have any desire to work, but I'm gonna suck it up because I need this mon-ay.  They went and cancelled on me ya'll.  I had just finished tucking my shirt in and got a call at 9 saying stay home.  
  • Thanks to Tumblr I came across a picture of some nipple rings.  The slight desire and rebellion to get them emerged, but then I remembered I don't like getting piercings.  I'll continue to be content with my earlobes being pierced.
  • It's payday ya'll! *twerks around room*  I didn't get paid much, but I appreciate the check regardless as it adds zeros to my account. *Makes it rain all across my blog*
  • Speaking of "making it rain," the Travis Porter song came on in my car and my inner ratchetness began to emerge.  I wonder if when I'm 40 the same feeling will come across me as my kids ride in the back seat.
  • Did ya'll read about Megan Good saying the first time she and her fiance have sex will be the day they get married?  Kudos to her.  I think that's a wonderful thing and even if you've been having sex before you get engaged I think it's a wonderful idea to go celibate as a couple until you get married.
  • I watched the Destiny's Child "Cater 2 U" performance from the BET Awards that took places eons ago.  I still laugh at Michelle's lap dance skills.  Also why did she have to get Magic Johnson's big old behind?  Nobody else in the audience wanted a little Michelle twerk session?
  • Is it just me or do Kim Kardashian and Kanye West just seem a little off as a couple?  I can't wait to see how long this will last.  I give them one baby.
Got a bada$$ b*tch just bouncin' on my d---

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